The Noxite® process - from harmful NOx molecules to clean air

Interview with Frits Zandvoort (Head of R & D Icopal bv)

Frits-Zandvoort-Head-of-R-and-D-Icopal-bvNoxite® is quite rightly one of Icopal’s biggest innovations of the past few years. The capsheet, topped with titanium dioxide coated slates /granules convert harmful NOx into harmless nitrates that are washed off the roof in rainwater events. It improves public health, and the environment, as the harmful pollutant is neutralised from the environment.

Frits Zandvoort has been involved with developing Noxite® roofing membranes from day one. “The point when pilot projects demonstrated that Noxite® really did work, was extremely convincing.” Frits Zandvoort is referring to the pilot at Schiphol. The air around the airport is extremely polluted, which made the results easy to measure for the Icopal researchers. “We are real pioneers with the development of Noxite®. The process from the idea to production took three years. After that we also had our product tested independently. TNO came to the same conclusion we did - Noxite® really works.”

“I hope as many companies as possible will use Noxite® for their roofing projects. Various studies have demonstrated that it can make an essential difference to the air quality for humans and the environment. Each year, thousands of people die from the consequences of NOx in the air - Often elderly people, small children or people with low resistance. With Noxite® we can make a small contribution to reducing this.”, commented a concerned Frits Zandvoort.

“Noxite® removes harmful NOx from the air and neutralises other harmful substances that cause smog. It works particularly well on large surface areas.” However, it is important not to underestimate the contribution from smaller premises. “We saw very good results on smaller scales too” emphasised Frits Zandvoort - Every little helps.

Companies that wish to construct or refurbish sustainably would do well to choose Noxite® for their flat roofing projects. It enables governments and housing corporations to meet their environmental targets and make a major difference to their own environment. Noxite® does not deal with the causes of pollution, but it provides a great opportunity to reduce its harmful consequences. "Many companies really do their best to reduce the emissions of pollutants, but the problem is too great to solve overnight. Doing nothing is not an option in our opinion. That’s why we looked for a solution that reduces the damaging impact of NOx emissions", said Frits Zandvoort. ;

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