Jubilee House Icopal Noxite NOx Depolluting Roofing

Jubilee House

When it was time to reroof Jubilee House, a 25-year old social housing facility, B.C. Housing wanted to take the opportunity to help the environment as well. The 87-unit apartment building for low-income people over 45 years of age is located in downtown Vancouver, where there is interest in reducing pollution. Additionally, the reroofing project needed to be completed with minimal disruption to the building’s occupants.  


B.C. Housing took the recommendation of their roof consultant, RDH Building Engineering, and chose a time-proven, two ply Icopal Siplast SBS-modified bitumen system with a cap sheet surfaced with Eco-Activ® depolluting Noxite® granules.

With Eco-Activ, the project’s environmental goals will be met, as Noxite® technology helps to clean Vancouver’s urban air. The choice of torch grade material avoided hot bitumen fumes and allowed Bollman Roofing and Sheet Metal to complete the installation quickly with minimal impact on the tenants.

Noxite® torch-on roofing membranes use the sun’s rays to produce an autocatalytic reaction that turns harmful nitrous oxides into benign nitrates. The resulting depolluting effect lasts throughout the life of the waterproofing membrane.

Project: Jubilee House
Location: Vancouver, Canada
System: Noxite® Eco-Activ® capsheet and Siplast Paradiene System
Client: B.C. Housing
Specifier: RDH Building Engineering Ltd
Contractor: Bollman Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd
Area: 1,000m²
Completion: 2013
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