Sustainability is inspiring, important and insufficient. Let’s go Beyond Sustainability

Sustainability is inspiring, important and insufficient.

lets go beyond sustainability  

What does sustainability really mean?

Compromise. Damage limitation. We try to reduce our impact on the environment, instead of actively improving it.

Sustainability is a good start, but we’re not finished.

Why tick the box when you can think outside of it?

Beyond Sustainability means genuine innovation. Setting meaningful challenges, not just meeting targets. Creating answers that have a positive, measurable impact on the environment.

Noxite an eco activ solution

Beyond Sustainability is already here.

Noxite began as a deceptively simple question. Rather than just minimising emissions, what if we could actively reduce them? Icopal can’t stop pollution going into the air. But we can take it out.

A breath of fresh air

A Noxite roof could help to provide clean air for everyone living, learning and working under it. A Noxite roof could help to remove the NOx produced by every vehicle in the car park.

One might call it CSR/m².

We all have our part to play in reducing emissions. But the environment would prefer we stopped, rather than just slowed down.

Noxite reverses our direction.

That’s the definition of Beyond Sustainability.

Click here for more info and to arrange a Noxite CPD

Neutrality won’t win the war against emissions

Icopal invites others to join us. Let’s take the construction industry beyond Beyond Sustainability. Together we can realise a future where entire buildings actively improve the environment – from the roof down. 

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    Sustainability is inspiring, important and insufficient. Let’s go Beyond Sustainability